An interactive multimedia production by DienChanmultireflex™ s.l. based on an original idea of Patryck Aguilar Cassarà — Barcelona.

Model and charts: Patryck Aguilar Cassarà

Artistic direction, design and ergonomics: Patryck Aguilar Cassarà

Graphic interface: Patryck Aguilar Cassarà

Explanatory texts and technique:
 Anna Roca & Patryck Aguilar

Videos of the tools: Eloi Costilludo
Photographs: Lluís Vilardell, Anna Roca

Diagrams and maps: Patryck Aguilar Cassarà, based on the original idea of Professor Dr Bùi Quôc Châu

Technical support:
 Patryck Aguilar, Anna Roca & Vietydao Center, Saigon (Vietnam)

Thanks to:
 John Jairo Tobón, Yvan Binggeli, Michel Vergués, Albert Bruna, Albert Molins, Béatrice Aguilar, Pierre-Louis Exertier & Orely Le Port, and the team of beta testers

Facioterapia - Dien Chan, Edt. DCmultireflex—
ABC du Dien Chan —Edt. Grancher—
and the notes accumulated in the last 10 years of close collaboration with Professor Dr Bùi Quôc Châu

Support web
Design and texts: Patryck Aguilar Cassarà
Corrections: Anna Roca, Albert Bruna, Yvan Binggeli
Help videos: P...

iOS adaptation
SetiOS powered by SetFile™, Barcelona

Our special thanks to the SetFile team for their synthetic capacity and the elegance of their programming.

Written in Spanish:
French translation: Patryck Aguilar
Italian translation: Salvatore Perna, Carmelina Sacco
Portuguese translation: Paula Bravo
German translation: Steve Erpelding
English translation: Elaine Fradley

Logistic support: Regla de 3, Apple technical support and Adobe partner