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Where does it hurt?

Locate the complaint on the outline of the human body.


What's wrong?

Select the most representative symptom.


What to stimulate?

Apply facial treatment according to the map.

Facial reflexology has come of age with Faceasitit's a fast, effective healing technique. Congratulations!

—Natalia Groig Rubí—

I'm delighted to see such a useful, fast-acting programme join the world of natural therapies.

—Silvia Huarte Dacos—

There's no end to it! It's an absolutely comprehensive system for self-regulation and for treating others.

—Marco Rabilucci Prieti—

 It's a therapist's best friend! Quick and easy to consult, with great visual presentation of the selected procedure.

—Doctor Mariona Finistere Copeiro—

The perfect marriage between a natural technique and technology, all very naturally.

—Andrés Dragghos Szwert—

FormulasWant to know the points?View the complete treatment formula in BQCpoints with the corresponding fact files.

ToolsHow to treat the faceThe most suitable tools are suggested with a complete guide to use. Buy them on the Internet at a click!

DiagramsStudy the Dien Chan diagramsAn intuitive, step-by-step system for studying the relation between anatomy and the projection diagrams on the face.

Set pointsStudy all the BQCpointsLocate the points involved and familiarize yourself with the diagrams related to the BQCpoint you're dealing with.