fact files of set points

The set points of the face in Dien ChanIf you are familiar with our previous publications or have studied Dien Chan, you’ll know that the fact file for each point offered information organized into Effects and Indications. This system is based on the notes of Professor Bùi Quôc Châu made during the period of discovery and research. The disadvantage is that it can be redundant, producing points that list the effect "Relieves knee pain" and the indication "Knee pain"!

With the creation of FACEASiT, everyone has access to the revised, complemented version of the fact files for each BQCpoint. To avoid repetition and make them easier to understand, we’ve reordered each file and created the lists of body parts and symptoms, because a BQCpoint can describe a part of the body and aid its self-regulation, and/or have an effect on the symptoms. In FACEASiT’pro and FACEASiT’clinic, when you touch a point, a 7-part fact file appears: