PreferencesFACEASiT does not use or send your data. The configuration preferences adapt the application to the user for greater ease of use.

Your full name, email and town/city are used to contact the technical service.

To contact your FACEASiT technical support, write to, stating your name and the version ('reflex, 'pro, 'clinic) you're using.

By specifying the sex of the user, you change the diagram of the human body to present gender-specific results. The outline of the body may be clothed or unclothed according to individual sensibilities.

Choose your system of units to adapt the technical specifications of each tool.

Special settings The FACEASiT'clinic version allows you to view the support lines of each BQCpoint on the map. Each line has a small triangle indicating which part of the body it corresponds to. Patient gender: it allows you to decide the default gender of new follow-up records created with the FACEASiT’clinic version.

To change the language of your application, exit FACEASiT and go to your iPad settings. Find FACEASiT in the applications and select your language of choice: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or German. Restart FACEASiT.

In the FACEASiT’clinic version, under the heading of modifications to treatment and redesign of the formula of BQCpoints, you have the option of sending the treatment by email.

This consists of a file that includes the map of reflex points or of BQCpoints (depending on the active visualization), accompanied by the text of your pointers and comments.

This file contains very valuable therapeutic information for the consultant and should be signed with your commercial details. There are no obligatory fields but we recommend you fill it in correctly under Preferences to help your clients to identify it.

You can incorporate your logo into the email generated by FACEASiT’clinic.

Make sure you prepare it correctly and that it is not too big (we recommend JPG format for a smaller file).

To insert your logo, use iTunes to add it to the photo library on your iPad. When you flick the switch from Off to On, FACEASiT will ask for the location of the file in order to insert it.

If you want to limit the use of your FACEASiT, you can activate a password of 4 to 8 letters and numbers.

If you’d like to make a backup copy of your library of treatments, just activate the backup switch. You can then recover the text file generated, using iTunes. It will appear as (yyyy-mm-dd being the date).