The tools

The multireflexology tools

The multireflexology tools produce yin and yang stimulations. They help to activate the microcirculation of blood and lymph in the areas treated and activate the self-regulation process.

When we stimulate a reflex area on the face related to an organ or a limb, we are communicating with the brain. There is no direct relation between the area or the reflexology point and the limb or the brain. We believe that our brain has the capacity to reactivate the flow of energy (the Qi) and that using reflexology serves to stimulate this process. The tools are also used directly on the body, giving fast relief from pain, offering in-depth treatment and improving microcirculation.

Fact files

When calculating a treatment, according to the symptom FACEASiT proposes the two most suitable tools for the parts of the body in question. The carousel on the right shows all the tools in the catalogue, highlighting the two that are recommended.

As well as a video explaining the use of the tool on the face or the rest of the body, the fact file for each tool suggests other headings:

Effects tab: information about the effects generated by each tool.

Recommended tab: recommendations and examples of use of the tool. + pointers for using it in Chan'beauté.

Technical info tab: detailed description of the tool.

For further information about each multireflexology tool, you can study its online file via FACEASiT or by using the search engine. The number of the tool followed by (e.g. will show you a complete file. All the explanatory videos about use of the tools can be seen on our YouTube channel:

For information about which tools are recommended

for a specific part of the body,

see the end of the page on studying Diagrams and points.

Buying the tools

To buy one or more multireflexology tools, click on the image of the tool to go to its fact file.

Once inside the file, the icon of a shopping basket with a + on a green background lets you add the tool to your basket.

You must specify the geographical area of delivery under preferences before you start shopping.

To view the contents of the basket, click on the icon in the top right-hand corner that shows a red shopping basket.

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To add a tool to your shopping basket, click on the red basket in the tool fact file. The geographical area of delivery selects the cost of sending from Barcelona before you buy. On the secure page hosted by PayPal™, you will have to specify your full delivery address. If your delivery address does not correspond with the geographical area specified, we will ask you to pay the difference before dispatching your order.

Consult our complete catalogue:

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When you buy our multireflexology tools, you are helping to pay our manufacturer in a sustainable way and finance our school. We try to keep prices down despite fluctuations in the euro and the high quality raw materials. The price you pay includes taxes and shipping costs. If the geographical area declared at the time of purchase does not correspond with the geographical area of delivery, your package will not be dispatched until the difference has been paid.


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*To buy the tools and watch the videos, you need an Internet connection.

Many of our students liken buying a tool to buying a face creamthe only difference is that the tool will last you a lifetime!