3 versions

The 3 versions of FACEASiT

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FACEASiT’reflex serves to locate the complaint on the body and evaluate it using the lists of symptoms.

The proposed result is described in reflex areas on the face. These green reflex areas are then stimulated with the proposed tools, following our directions.

As well as offering the results in the form of reflex areas, FACEASiT’pro shows, on the face, the precise BQCpoints involved in the treatment. With this version, you start to study Dien Chan, using the sections on projection diagrams and set points.

It also contains more symptoms and more detailed anatomies.

 FACEASiT’clinic includes all the functions of the other two versions, as well as allowing you to create and save personal files. You can also create and modify treatment formulas and send the resulting treatment by email. More information on the patient follow-up page.

It also contains more symptoms and more detailed anatomies, and equivalencies in traditional Chinese medicine.

The table below summarizes the differences between the 3 versions:

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With the production of these 3 versions of FACEASiT, the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan aims to promote a natural technique that is highly effective in treating common complaints.

The interactivity of new technologies makes for a precise, comprehensive information-sharing process. Unlike a printed book, the electronic application extends its pedagogical scope and allows easy sharing.


The digital support makes our work sustainable, avoiding the expense of paper. We’ve always been ecological, avoiding the excessive packaging used for advertising ends, though we are very much aware of the beauty of an attractive, made-to-measure box as the support for an elegant graphic design. But we also know that the effect only lasts a few minutes and that our clientele will appreciate the fact that we recycle our packing. We recover boxes and packaging used in the computer industry to send our tools in the best possible conditions. For 10 years, our clients have been congratulating us on an ecological initiative that also avoids an additional cost of the product.

It helps to relieve pain or cure a complaint, prevents the use of chemical medication, plus it’s a gesture for the environment, avoiding water pollution!

Artisan production

To manufacture our tools, we tend to use noble materials such as natural horn. We aim to offer the best value for money, reserving natural horn for the parts in direct contact with the skin. No animals suffer in the production of the tools; cattle are still used in arable farming in many parts of the world, and our production uses recovered horn.

The excellent quality of the multireflexology tools is the product of artisan work, made by hand without moulds. Only adults are employed in our Asian and European workshops.

Doing business

The business is based not on selling information, but on the ability to promote it as seriously as possible. Dien Chan is a young technique (created in 1980), and it is sad to see that watered-down versions are already available. No one has the authority to simplify the method, and it is our aim to help promote it from the source.

Designing and producing an application for digital devices has a cost, as do the hours of research, and the tasks of writing and design.

When you purchase the advanced versions and the tools, you are taking part in and helping to finance the project.

The small version, FACEASiT’reflex, allows you to familiarize yourself with multireflexology and presents all the treatment solutions.

FACEASiT’pro allows you to understand and study the foundations of the technique. Students can perfect their movements by taking a course with a certified trainer of the International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan.

FACEASiT’clinic also allows you to store treatments and modify the formulas. Highly recommended for professional therapists, students and families who share an iPad. Thanks to the application’s records, everyone can go back and consult their treatments.